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I initially went to the North Point Sunoco because I had a coupon for a discounted oil change. After meeting the manager, however, I was very impressed and decided to return in the future when my car needed servicing. Since that time I have been extremely satisfied with the exceptional level of customer service provided by both Andrew and Hector. The quality of the work has been excellent and they have been very upfront as to whether a particular repair is required, recommended or not even necessary. It is very refreshing to find a service station that is trustworthy and truly understands the value of good customer service. I would highly recommend them to all of my friends and family.
Recommended? Yes |  by , May 4, 2016
It a awesome friendly place . the service techs are always nice and polite . Andrew and hector are the best alka and manjo. your friend charlie jackson.
Recommended? Yes |  by , March 9, 2016
Intelligent employees who know there business and take pleasure in assisting you!
Recommended? Yes |  by , March 8, 2016
This rating is to praise the excellent service I received from North Point Sunoco last week. I took my truck in for an alignment among other things, and was tremendously impressed by their honesty and effort. First of all, when I picked the truck up it didn't seem like anything had changed re the alignment. Within half an hour, I received an apologetic phone call asking me to bring the truck back at my convenience because, they sheepishly admitted, they forgot to do the alignment! Some might consider that bad service, but I was impressed because I imagine quite a few other garages would not be proactive but rather wait for me to return and complain. I have quite a few cars and use quite a few providers. I stick with North Point Sunoco more than most, however, because of this kind of service.
Recommended? Yes |  by , February 3, 2016
If you're looking for the small town comfort and trust of a local garage, you've found it here. North Point Sunoco is one of the few places (and I've lived in Northern Virginia for 20 years) I've trusted to be honest about car maintenance. Their customer service is exceptional and a breath of fresh air to the usual. Stop searching and choose North Point Sunoco.
Recommended? Yes |  by , December 9, 2015